maandag 3 september 2012

Exhibition Art-members of Arti et Amicitiae :Salon II and a meeting of Photographers the 8 the of October Amsterdam Rokin 112

At this moment work of mine (look below)  is exhibited in ARTI Rokin 112 Amsterdam in an art-members exhibition.:
Salon II from 31 August till 23 September
tuesday - dinsdag t/m sunday - zondag
12:00 - 18:00 uur
This painting will be on the wall ofcourse, this is a photograph I took bringing the painting to ARTI on monday August 27 !

October the 8th I'll also be in Arti Rokin 112 Amsterdam at the Photographers- portfolio evening showing my Portfolio ... Hope to see you !
         27e Portfolio-fotografenavond
        Maandag 8 oktober 21:00 uur